IDPAD-S 2018

@2016 -18 by Safiya's Publishing. 

International African Institute of Health and Wellness

The International African Institute of ICT has been actively working on fulfilling the action plan of the IDPAD Summit 2018. The Institute is currently working on the following: 


IDPAD Summit 2018 Plan of Action 3.3.4: creating a womb to tomb (ancestral realm) health and wellness program geared to improving the health practices of women and children

The committee made of Physicians, Researchers and Psychologists are currently working on a publication that documents the basic healthcare practices, which when implemented, will improve the lives of PAD. The publication will be published in both a research paper format and a Basic Manual format.  
IDPAD Summit 2018 Plan of Action: 3.3.1: encouraging HBCUs, Universities in Africa and other tertiary institutions attended by PAD to facilitate research theses on health-related issues affecting PAD in the effort of collecting disaggregated data and exploring solutions to the health issues faced by PAD

A data collection application is currently being explored to serve as a medium for storing medical/clinical/pharmacological research publication that focuses on the improvement of health care of PAD. 

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