IDPAD-S 2018

@2016 -18 by Safiya's Publishing. 

International African Institute of Human Rights

The International African Institute of ICT has been actively working on fulfilling the action plan of the IDPAD Summit 2018. The Institute is currently working on the following: 


IDPAD Summit 2018 Plan of Action 3.4.1: upholding that a Regional United Nations Human Rights Office must be established within the CARICOM
Lobbying efforts are being made through CARICOM to include in their Agenda at the next heads of Government Meeting, need for OHCHR representative to serve the CARICOM region. Currently, only Jamaica and Barbados have an OHCHR representative.
IDPAD Summit 2018 Plan of Action 3.4.3: seeking out government support in facilitating the establishment more African consulates/embassies in the diaspora, in the effort to foster communication and trade between Africa and the diaspora
The African Union Diaspora Conference 2012, called for African Missions in countries where PAD resides. There is an open communication with the Deputy Commissioner of African Union to lobby and identify suitable persons to act as African Consuls in their Country of Resident.

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